Back in 2013, after the PUC approved Crown Castle’s/Verizon’s application to build a 13-site DAS project in Hillsborough, Hillsborough expressed total outrage and opposed it vociferously.  Read Hillsborough’s brief opposing the PUC’s resolution granting approval.

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It is so ironic, to reflect the situation today, you could just change the name of the project to 16-sites and the name of the planned approving party to Hillsborough, and the name of objecting party to Hillsborough Families Against Cell Towers!  A complete reversal.

Town Council Members are conveniently distanced away from the proposed cell towers.   

Crown Castle and Verizon are notorious for downplaying how ugly the cells towers will really look and for skirting the rules.  Palos Verdes has documented examples from its battles with the carriers. For false simulations of how the towers will look, see the following illustrative examples:


For evidence of how they skirt the rules, see the following blog